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BSc in Community Health Practice



Career Development of Graduates in Recent Years

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Graduates of this Programme will be well-trained in handling community health issues by developing new roles in healthcare delivery, e.g. prevention of non-communicable diseases, patient empowerment, and primary health care. They will be employable in many sectors including business, social care, primary care, education, as well as Non-Governmental Organisations.

Examples of job offers for BSc in Community Health Practice graduates:


  • Executive Assistant

Non-Governmental Organisations 

  • Project Coordinator

  • Research Assistant

Private Industry 

  • Management Trainee in health care center

  • Assistant Production Officer in pharmaceutical company

Alumni Sharing
CHAN Hoi Ying, Cecilia

2015 BSc in Community Health Practice Graduate

The responsibility of Public Health practitioners could be told by a story of Up-stream & Down-stream.


Many people were drowned in down-stream of a river, at the same place, clinical health professionals saved the victims and provided treatment directly. On the other hand, Public Health specialists would go to up-stream for seeking causes of the drown, controlling situations and planning for prevention. This concept drives me to involve in public health field. While public health is one of the key element of health system for society, Community Health Practice programme would allow students to understand reasons of various society health issues, gain different ways to access the community needs, and learn prevention and controlling methodology.


Studying this programme has equipped me with skills and knowledge on prevention and health promotion, through a bottom up approach, we could broadly understand the community needs.

I have worked as a research assistant after my graduation, research works were not only about data analysis and report writing, various needs assessments with evidence-based are also required in order to plan a public activity. We also had post-event evaluation for review and improvement.


Now, I am working at the District Health Centre, which is a government initiated service in public healthcare system. This is a great opportunity for me while transferring from academy to community. I would like to contribute what I have learnt into practice. I look forward to communicating with different stakeholders and planning a suitable and effective health care intervention. 

TSE Tsz Wai Elsa

2015 BSc in Community Health Practice Graduate

I am working in health protection related field at Hospital Authority. The duties are mainly related to health education to public, ranging from prevention of communicable diseases, raising awareness on health control, delivering information of infection control to public health promotion. These jobs duties required me to make use of the knowledge gained from BSc in Community Health Practice, for instance, we could apply the behavioral change theory to create the key message of health promotion.



Graduates who apply for the following programme(s) and meet relevant requirements are eligible to have credit exemption:

Master of Public Health, CUHK 

Eligible Period: Within 2 years of graduation 

Maximum Credit Exemption: up to 12 units out of 36 units