Mentorship Programme 2019

Does it sound like you? Join our mentorship programme!


  • Ug students of The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care

  • Interested in building up networks for future development

  • Looking for advice on career planning

  • Want to broaden your perspectives


  • Alumni of undergraduate programmes of JCSPHPC OR
    Have at least 5 years of work experience in public health related industries
    Senior Mentor: with 5 years or more working experience
    Mentor: with less than 5 years working experience

  • Want to reach potential talents for public health related industries

  • Expanding your professional network

  • Aspire to convert your experience and passion into the sustainable development of public health professions

How it works?
  • Matching

1 Senior Mentor : (1 Mentor:) 2 to 3 Mentees
According to mentees’ career interests, first-come-first-served

  • Inauguration Ceremony

Date & Time: 7:00pm, 14 Mar 2019 (Thu)
Venue: Foyer, School of Public Health, Prince of Wales Hospital

  • Self-arranged meetings between mentors and mentees (Mar – Dec 2019)

Meeting once 2 to 3 months

  • [Mentee only] Annual Plan & Quarterly Report  (Mar, May, Sep & Dec 2019)

Annual Plan x1 & Quarterly Report x3

  • Evaluation (Dec 2019)

  • Time Involved

Mentor ~ 9.5 hrs
Mentee ~ 12 hrs

Apply Now

Miss Holly HO

Tel: 2252 8427




1e) I have participated in the Mentorship Programme before…

If you have participated in the Mentorship Programme before, you are also welcome to join the Mentorship Programme this year. Your previous mentor will be avoided in the mentor/mentee matching process. Please apply by responding to the online application from since past Mentorship Programmes have concluded, and you will NOT be automatically enrolled to this year’s Mentorship Programme.


1r) I am an alumnus but I have no work experience…

If you are alumni of undergraduate programmes of JCSPHPC, you are welcome to join the Mentorship Programme as Mentors, regardless of your job experience. You are welcome to share your undergraduate (and post-graduate) learning experience with current students!