Vision and Mission

To contribute to improvement in health of populations locally, nationally and internationally through excellence in research, teaching and training in public health, and collaborative efforts with worldwide partners from all relevant disciplines and institutions.

  • Education

  • Multidisciplinary research

  • Contribution to policy development

  • Collaborative work

  • Lifelong learning

  • Active engagement with local communities

  • Engagement with corporate business sector



In all actions, we use consensus-agreed principles and policies to guide our decisions on resources, rewards, recognitions and opportunities commensurate with efforts and contributions.


We are true to ourselves with consideration and transparency for others in all situations.


We have faith in each other, knowing that we can rely on those around us for support.


We believe in passion that is a burning and strong desire and love based on deep and enduring belief which is expressed through overwhelming commitment to drive and motivate excellence.


We express our concern for welfare and wellbeing of others through action and empathy.