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Ms. Elaine Lam - Student Exchange at Maastricht University

Updated: Jun 25

👩‍🎓 Elaine Lam, BSc in Public Health Year 4 student, embarked on an unforgettable journey at Maastricht University in the Netherlands through an exchange programme organized by our School

“My exchange programme at Maastricht University has truly been a catalyst for personal growth, cultural exchange, and professional development. This eye-opening experience has truly broadened my horizons and allowed me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Interacting with individuals from around the world has not only expanded my social network but has also fostered meaningful friendships that I deeply treasure. 🌍🌟🤝

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I embraced the opportunity to explore the Dutch public health system firsthand. This immersive experience provided me with invaluable insights into the intricacies of healthcare structure and delivery in the Netherlands. Witnessing different healthcare models in action has deepened my understanding of public health and enriched my knowledge in the field. 🔍💪🏥

I deeply appreciate the invaluable experiences and meaningful connections I have gained throughout my participation in the exchange programme.” 🙏✨🌍



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