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[Students Recruitment] Lay Health Workers

Recruitment Message for Community Health Practice & Public Health Students

JC HOMES 醫 • 家 • 營








1. 進行健康評估

  • 2021年10至12月

  • 參加者必須出席<健康評估日>培訓日(9月28至30日其中一日,約1小時)

2. 電話跟進服務對象進度及提供支援

  • 2021年11月至2022年7月,為期約6-9個月

  • 參加者必須出席<電話跟進及支援>培訓日(10月4至7日其中一日,約4小時)


  1. 必須為本地學生(不限於有醫學知識的學生)

  2. 能聽和說流利廣東話

  3. 有責任感、準時

  4. 必須出席培訓日


截止報名日期︰2021年9月20日; 中午12:00

如有任何問題,電郵至 查詢。


Dear students,

Jockey Club Health and Food Empowerment Scheme (JC HOMES) is now recruiting local students to be lay health workers for conducting baseline health need assessments and tele-follow up as health intervention for the low-income families living in sub-divided flat units (劏房) in Kwai Tsing and Kowloon City District. Details are as follows:

Jockey Club Health and Food Empowerment Scheme

Programme Objective: To encourage self-management of nutritional and health needs through empowerment-based intervention

Duration: Sept 2021 – August 2022

Audience: Low-income families living in sub-divided flat units in Kwai Tsing and Kowloon City District

Job responsibilities:

1. Conduct baseline health assessment

  • Oct – Dec 2021

  • Necessary to complete <Health need assessment> training (28-30 Sept, around 1 hr)

2. Provide tele-follow up to support and monitor the progress of cases

  • Nov 2021 – Jul 2022

  • Necessary to complete <Tele-follow up and support> training (4-7 Oct, around 4 hrs)


  1. Local students (Students without health background are also welcome)

  2. Able to listen and speak fluent Cantonese

  3. Be responsible and punctual

  4. Necessary to complete the training(s)

Lay health workers will be awarded an hourly subsidy of HKD 60 (Training hours are excluded). Telephone interviews might be arranged for applicants. First come first serve.

Deadline of application: 20 Sept 2021, 12nn

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email to


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