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Innovation & Technology Scholarship 2020 Awardee -- Cheung Man Hin, Public Health Yr 3

Peter (middle) is one of the awardees of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020.

Cheung Man Hin, BSc Public Health Year 3, awarded Innovation & Technology Scholarship 2020

Nine outstanding students from the Faculties of Medicine and Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have been awarded the Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020. Awardees will each receive up to HK$150,000 for participating in a series of initiatives, including exchange and research programmes at foreign universities, to widen their international exposure and develop their passion and commitment towards science and technology and thereby contribute to society.

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. The chain of events that generates a thought, behavior or response, and the limit of brain functions remain mysterious. This year, three of the awardees are planning to participate in neuroscience or brain diseases research, with the financial support of the Scholarship.

Cheung Man Hin Peter, Year 3 in Public Health, is excited about the coming overseas exposure and plans for a research attachment at Harvard Medical School, where he would continue his project on delineating the epigenetic mechanism of DNA demethylation. He said, “Aware of the rapidly aging population worldwide, and the simultaneously growing burden of neurodegenerative diseases, my aspiration has always been to seek for an effective intervention to tackle such a major public health issue and improve the quality of life of the mentally-deprived elderly — all of which underlies my current research efforts in epigenetic mechanism and public health meta-analysis.” He thinks the Scholarship serves as a recognition of his past efforts, a milestone that marks the start of his journey of innovation, and the fuel that powers him to go forward.

Press Release: Nine CUHK Students Awarded the Innovation and Technology Scholarship

More about The Innovation and Technology Scholarship:


張文軒 (公共衞生三年級) 獲頒創新科技獎學金 2020


大腦是人類最複雜的器官,它的運作機理及功能極限仍有很多謎團未解。其中三位獲頒獎學金的同學希望在獎學金資助下,參與腦神經科學或腦部疾病方面的研究: 修讀公共衞生三年級的張文軒就十分期待到海外短期研習,他計劃往哈佛醫學院的表觀遺傳醫學實驗室,繼續表觀遺傳機制方面的研究。「全球人口老化和神經退化障礙問題愈趨嚴重,我的志願是希望能夠找到有效方法解決如此重大的公共衛生問題,從而改善長者的生活質素 — 我現在從事的表觀遺傳學和公共衛生統合分析研究將會為以上解決方案提供研究基礎。」他表示獲得這個獎學金是對他過往努力的肯定,亦幫助他開展未來創科旅程。

新聞稿 : 九名中大學生獲頒創新科技獎學金


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